Presale and Sales Steps


  • Phase 01

    1. New Website and Branding
    2. Social Media Channels
    3. Smart Contracts
    4. Official Whitepaper
    5. Pinksale Presale
    6. Pancakeswap Launch
    7. Listing Coin Gecko
    8. Listing Coin Market Cap
    9. Aggressive Marketing
    10. Marketing Launch of our
    11. Audit Applications and Reviews
    12. 8k Telegram Members
    13. 5k Holders
  • Phase 02

    1. Charity Donations
    2. Community / Team Building
    3. Giveaways
    4. 30k Twitter Followers
    5. 30k Telegram Group Members
    6. Ongoing paid advertising
    7. 10k Holders
  • Phase 03

    1. RagingBull Swap
    2. Listing on Major Exchanges
    3. Influencer Marketing Push
    4. Launch of Merchandise
    5. Further Partnerships
    6. NFT and Games
    7. 20k Telegram Member
    8-Store metaverse

The world of Metaverse and Rging Bull project

Metaverse consists of two components, Meta, which means beyond, and Universe, which means world. In other words, we can mean metavers beyond the world. The Metavars project seeks to blur the line between the physical world and the digital world, and to meaningfully combine these two separate worlds. On the Metavers platform, people can live, play and buy and sell with their digital display as an avatar. The economy of the metatarsal world is also completely digital and based on cryptocurrencies With the rise of these worlds, there is a need for a common market for buying and selling in a decentralized store, and this project is building this store. In this store, you can easily buy and sell materials, lands, game cards, etc.


Token Metrics

Raging Bull Team

This project was launched by Raging Bull Nakamato and until the listing of this token in large exchange offices, the manufacturer’s name remains a pseudonym.
Friends, until the success of the project, let us work under a pseudonym


RB2 Head of marketing

RB3 Security


RB5 Developer


If you’d like to donate to the Raging Bull, send BNB, WBNB, or BUSD here. Thank you for your support!